Mustard Seed Faith--The Way of Escape...

As human beings we tend to focus on that which is right before us.  Our vision is limited to our immediate circumstance.  In Domestic Abuse, that immediate circumstance is often navigating and walking on eggshells to control the danger contained within the walls of our own home. 

We can’t see the way out (the big picture) because we are too focused on what is right before us--what we see and experience on a daily basis.  Our vision must increase to include what can be with God (Faith) rather than what is (the Reality of the moment.)  

We need mustard seed faith.  From the Pulpit Commentary:  “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, which, as he says in Matthew 13:32 ‘is less than all seeds.’  He means a faith real and trustful, though it be small and weak. The phrase is proverbial, expressive of littleness and insignificance. The mustard seed is quite little, but, grown in favourable soil and under sunny skies, it becomes, as it were, a tree among herbs, so that birds may nestle in its branches. To it (the mustard seed) faith is compared, because, small at first, it contains within itself power of large development and increase...The man (or woman) of faith is practically omnipotent; moral and material difficulties vanish before him. “

When you are living with an abuser, you won’t be able to find your way out without turning to God for direction.  You won’t be brave enough until you take that first small, mustard seed step of faith.  Mustard seed faith IS THE WAY OF ESCAPE.  When you step out on the little faith and belief in God you have in spite of your circumstances, God will honor that.  He will increase your faith and bless your results.

You must understand that God is bigger than your circumstances.  You don’t have the money to leave? God knows and He will provide!  You don’t know where you will live if you leave?  God does; and once you step out in faith, you will find out. Exercise your mustard seed faith.  God rewards it!  You will see your way of escape once you take that first step.  That first step is you embarking on a different path--your path to freedom.

Sometimes, my sister, we just have to pack like Abraham did and go…not knowing where we are going.  Trust Him!  He never fails!