To my daughters, "You CAN go home again." Prevent #Domestic Violence

It is so important for girls/young women to hear this message from you. Don't tell them, "You can never go home!" Instead, tell them they can ALWAYS come home and will ALWAYS be welcome there. Tell them you love them with an everlasting love.  My girls know they are always welcome in my heart and in my home. So do their significant others. Click here to watch Maya Angelou talk about her mother's love and support of her:

Home (where love is) should be a refuge, an anchor, a safe place when the storm is too much to bear. There is a distinct difference between enabling an adult child and showing them unconditional love and support to leave an abuser. They will need support and there will be nowhere to turn if they don't have the support of their family.

I believe with moms (and dads) who would say, "You can always come home,”--even if their child made a mistake, even if their child is going to have to get an unwanted divorce, and even (especially) if they have no current means of financial support--there would be NO women or children living in domestic violence!

Prevent Domestic Violence. Make your love and support clear.