Searching for Boaz...on Christian Mingle?

For those of us who have suffered through the pain of domestic violence and divorce, we are often asked, "When are you going to get back out there?" or "When are you going to date again?"

I don't recommend looking for Boaz, whether you use an expensive dating service or one you can try for free.  Boaz Noticed Ruth…Ruth didn’t go looking for him on eHarmony or 

He was a rich man.  The Bible doesn’t leave this to your imagination. It says in Ruth 2:1, “Now there was a wealthy and influential man in Bethlehem named Boaz, who was a relative of Naomi's husband, Elimelech.”  He had it all.  He was the ultimate desirable bachelor, yet he was single.  All the “suitable” young women from wealthy families evidently hadn’t impressed him.  He noticed Ruth though…he noticed her showing integrity and loyalty to her family, industriousness in finding a way to provide for her family, humility in stating her need and willingness to work the fields in return for the grain to sustain their lives, and her pleasant attitude (joy in the Lord) despite her current situation.  When you are doing what you need to do to raise your children and keep yourself, your home, and your family together in spite of your husband leaving…when you have joy and peace that passes all understanding…when you are doing your best (sometimes in the face of considerable odds), if God has a Boaz for you, he will notice you and be drawn to your spirit and your heart.  Don’t worry and don’t try to “find” a relationship.  Give that area of your life to God also and expect His best.