_ _ _ _ _ MOTHER'S DAY?

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY...Unfortunately, I know your ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ WON'T be happy tomorrow.  If you are in an abusive marriage, the chance that ANY of your holidays will be happy is highly unlikely.  Your abuser will make sure of that.  You will be on high alert trying to insure everything is perfect so your family can have a nice day and so that everything looks to the outside world like all is well in your home.  He will be complaining and yelling about everything. 

The holidays magnify emotions (good or bad) and holidays seem to exacerbate their anger.  The fact that they have to be out publicly as a family (at a church or extended family event) will mean they have to be on their best behavior.  It will also mean they will be particularly awful at home reducing you and your children to tears or giving you the silent treatment and refusing to participate. 

I know you are a great mom in spite of your circumstances.  I know you love your children and want them to feel loved, secure, happy, and treasured. When you really understand you are God’s beloved daughter and He wants you to feel loved, secure, happy, and treasured; you will understand how you should be treated.  I want you to focus on the thought that your children deserve a happy childhood filled with happy memories because I know that your concern is for them rather than for yourself.  If you decide to save them from him…you will simultaneously save yourself. 

When you think of how much you love your children and how much it hurts your heart when he hurts their hearts…when you really grasp that GOD LOVES YOU and your children more than you could ever love as a human…you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not the way God wants, expects, or requires you to continue to live.