The safety of you and your children is of the utmost importance.  Sometimes you are awarded a Restraining Order (which makes it safer to go through the Divorce process).  Sometimes, you do not get the Restraining Order based upon lack of prior documentation and evidence. 

If you are safe in your home at the moment but cannot handle the way your husband is treating you and your children, you have to pray and seek God’s direction for your next step.  You will feel more comfortable if you know whether you will return to work or school, where and how you will live and how your children will be supported.  If you have those things resolved in your mind, you will know you don’t have accept mistreatment.  It would be unrealistic to just say to you, “Leave,” or “Give him an ultimatum.”  You have to have somewhere to live. 

If your safety is compromised…and that means if you are hit, shoved, choked or pushed (any physical contact that causes pain or injury) I want you to leave immediately and call 911.  Please…I know you feel like he needs help and you want to be there to help him.  But, you CANNOT change him or help him.  God can and will--but only if he wants help.  He needs to deal with his rage and anger but that is his responsibility--not yours.   

This is a cause of exhaustion and why many women become ill when going through divorce.  You have been shouldering the responsibility for someone else for a long time that is not yours to bear. 

You need help developing a safety plan and your plan of escape.  Please contact me for your free initial consultation.