Peace Achieved by Walking on Eggshells is Not Peace At All

Men are abusing their partners and/or children at alarming rates and the women in the situation aren’t saying a word.  They are blaming themselves (either for getting into an abusive situation, for staying, or for not having the wherewithal to leave.) 

These women are walking gingerly on the proverbial eggshells all DV survivors talk about and teaching their children to walk on them too.  However, peace achieved by "walking on eggshells" is not peace at all.  These women are trying to protect their kids from direct violence and from witnessing violence.  They are trying desperately to keep the peace.  

The only way out is to realize they are not to blame, there is no way to keep the peace with a violent man, and things are not going to get better.   

If one of these women is finally brave enough to share with you what is happening in her home, believe her!  Don’t offer words of condemnation or judgment; don’t say things like “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Why are you putting up with this?” “I would have hit him back,” etc., etc.   Instead, offer compassion and support as she determines how to leave her abuser safely.