If You Are Mad at Goddon’t stay there too long.  You may be angry with the way things seem to have turned out and with what you and your children are currently going through.  But, you know if you search your mind and your heart, the truth will be that God didn’t cause the mess you are in.  He also doesn’t condone it or expect you to stay in it! 

Your husband may have been a master at disguise--a charismatic, narcissistic sociopath who seemed like Prince Charming until he had you unemployed, pregnant, and far away from the support of friends and family.  There was a spirit operating in him that you didn’t recognize for what it was.   

It is often a consequence of being a victim as a child of a dysfunctional home and upbringing that you are susceptible to an abusive man—even as a Christian.

Your past experiences may have rendered you unable to recognize red flags or act on them once you saw them.   

You are a Christian, you are faithful in church attendance, and you are praying for your husband and your marriage--to no avail.  You have heard your marriage is under attack and you must fight for it without giving up.  What, you really must do is realize it is you and your children that are personally under attack when dealing with an abuser.  You must be sure to recognize the attack for what it is.  Not only is your husband controlling and abusive, he is also evil.  It is the evil one that is the cause of where your life is now, not God.  It is God, however, who will rescue you.  You must rely solely on God for direction in this type of situation; not tradition or religion.

As surely as He did in the Old Testament, as surely as He did in the New Testament, as surely as it is your heart's desire to help your child(ren), He longs to intervene and turn your situation around. Turn back to Him and trust that He has always had your best interest at heart.  You just have to listen to Him, evict evil from your home, and watch things begin to change for the better. 

Ephesians 4:26 says “Be angry and sin not, let not the sun go down upon your wrath.”  A momentary normal human response of anger is not sin but staying in that place is.  So, if you’re mad at God, rethink the cause of all human trouble—evil…and don’t stay there too long.