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Financial Abuse is always a component of Domestic Abuse.  I provide counseling by phone, email, or Facebook (whichever is your safest mode of communication.)  I listen to you and help you understand the dynamics of the situation you are in and how to leave safely.  I will direct you to the resources available in your area to provide the legal and financial support you may need to leave. 

what others are saying

S.E. "Your advice is very rational and always backed up by the Bible. It gives me strength."

Ms. C: "I am sure your words are touching someone in need. I am glad you are there to help others. Your love always shines through!"

Dr. Raquel Watts, Talk Show Host of The Nakid Truth:  "Much needed info Terri, the truth will set us free...I would love for you to come on my radio show to share the same in the near future."


Domestic Violence/Divorce Support from the start to the completion of your divorce. 

Hourly consultations available in person for local clients; online or by telephonic conference for purposes of distance, convenience or safety.